Blocks 2, 4A and 5A, Licences Sinapa (Block 2) and Esperanca (Block 4A and 5A) (UPDATED)
Company name: Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB
Address: 25 Park Lane, London, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 (0)207 647 2500
Company Website:
Project : Blocks 2, 4A and 5A, Licences Sinapa (Block 2) and Esperanca (Block 4A and 5A) (UPDATED)
Type of deal: Farm out
Basin: MSGBC Basin
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Shallow Water, Deep Water
Area: West Africa
Description: An exciting opportunity to enter an emerging shelf margin Cretaceous play in the MSGBC Basin. Recently acquired 3D data has defined two large robust Lower Albian prospects on-trend and analogous to the SNE development in Senegal. The Atum Prospect is located in 300-600 m of water and with mean STOIIP of 526 MMbbl. To the south of Atum is the Anchova Prospect with mean STOIIP of 341 MMbbl. Considerable upside exists with P10 estimates of 1091 MMbbl and 703 MMbbl for Atum and Anchova respectively and newly identified plays in the Aptian. Total on-block Pmean STOIIP are over 2.2 billion barrels. Svenska is looking to retain 30% working interest with 25% being offered to interested parties. This would be in return for a leveraged work program and/or part re-imbursement of recent past costs.
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