PETRONAS Malaysia Bid Round 2022
Company name: PETRONAS
Address: Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone number: +(603) 2051 5000
E-mail: Exploration blocks, Discovered Resource Opportunities
Company Website:
Project : PETRONAS Malaysia Bid Round 2022
Type of deal: Licensing Round
Basin: Malay, Sarawak, Sabah
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Shallow Water, Deep Water
Area: South East Asia

PETRONAS Malaysia Bid Round 2022

PETRONAS has been actively promoting the domestic exploration open blocks, Discovered Resource Opportunities (DRO) and Late Life Assets (LLA) in support of the annual Malaysia Bid Round (MBR) campaign. For MBR 2022, with the theme “Your Advantaged Energy is Here” a total of 14 exploration blocks coupled with 15 discovered fields, 6 Discovered Resource Opportunities (DRO) clusters which consist of 29 fields and 1 Late Life Asset (LLA) will be made available for bidding. In addition, value-added propositions such as a longer exploration period, drill-ready prospects and new technical findings and datasets will be included in MBR 2022 to entice investors to invest in the Malaysia E&P industry. Similar to the past bid rounds, PETRONAS continues to provide extensive data coverage with the application of state-of-the-art technology for higher exploration chance of success and well-connected infrastructure for hydrocarbon evacuation enables investors to easily monetize opportunities that drive profitability and growth. Come join us in MBR 2022!

The Exploration blocks datasets will be available in Zebra Virtual Data Room (VDR) and accessible from 27th Jan 2022, Malaysia time 3pm until 30 Jun 2022 5pm.

Apart from exploration blocks, DRO clusters will also be offered in MBR 2022. The DRO clusters dataset can be accessed through the myPROdata platform. Please click here.

The Zebra Data access fee for exploration blocks VDR service will be available from 27th Jan 2022, Malaysia time 3pm onwards.

Petronas RDR map

Click here for the MBR 2022 Confidentiality Agreement.
Click here for the access fee structure.

For further inquiries related to the bid round opportunities or if you would like to register for MBR 2022 launch event, please email us.

Access to data: Interested investors may sign the Confidentiality Agreement with PETRONAS before data review.

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