Suriname Shallow Offshore (SHO) Bid Round
Company name: Envoi Limited
Phone number:
Company Website:
Project : Suriname Shallow Offshore (SHO) Bid Round
Type of deal: Licensing Round
Basin: Suriname-Guyana Basin
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Shallow Water, Deep Water
Area: South Central America
Description: Zebra Data Sciences Ltd are pleased to be supporting Envoi Limited as the appointed advisor of Staatsolie Hydrocarbon Institute N.V. (SHI) in their offering of a total of eight new blocks in the currently unlicensed and underexplored Shallow Offshore (SHO) acreage of Suriname via Bid Round 2020/21. The blocks are located in the west of the Shallow Offshore area, south of the recent deep-water discoveries made in Block 58 and northwest of the onshore producing fields.

Zebra Data Sciences will be providing EzDataRoom GVDR Web, Remote and GeoReality Services so that investors can use the whole range of Zebra Data Sciences' tools to assess the full potential of these exciting new blocks. As Envoi is Staatsolie's appointed advisor for the bid round, all contact needs to be made via Envoi and copied to the bid round address
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