South Sudan Licensing Round
Company name: PETROTEC LTD
Address: P.O.Box 13898 Ajman
Phone number: +971506353170
E-mail: Dr Omar Badawi Abu-elbashar
Company Website:
Project : South Sudan Licensing Round
Type of deal: Licensing Round
Basin: Muglad, Melut and Anza
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Onshore
Area: East Africa
Description: PETROTEC LTD is promoting 14 blocks for the Ministry of Petroleum of South Sudan. These blocks fall between or extend southwards from the producing blocks in Muglad and Melut in both Sudan & South Sudan.

A couple of blocks extend northwards from Anza basin which has a proven petroleum system with discoveries in Kenya. The area of the offered blocks is covered by gravity with a few drilled wells. However, many neighbouring exploration blocks are licensed for companies who have put work program and budgets to start exploration. The studies undertaken in the area of the basins including the offered blocks show a high potential in theses blocks. This is why many major International companies have started negotiations with the Ministry of Petroleum (MOP) of South Sudan for direct one-to-one negotiations for PSC. The MOP opted to the Promotion Licensing Rounds and Road show approach to reach a wider spectrum of companies, and to license the blocks for good terms with Bona Fide companies.

The promotion campaign may include 3 to 5 road shows (Virtual & Normal Forums).

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