Chuditch Gas Farmout Opportunity Available
Company name: SundaGas Banda Unipessoal Lda (Baron Oil)
Phone number: +65 9384 5820
E-mail: Andy Butler (Managing Director)
Company Website:
Project : Chuditch Gas Farmout Opportunity Available
Type of deal: Farm out
Basin: Northern Bonaparte
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Shallow Water
Area: Australasia
Description: Chuditch was discovered in 1998 with the drilling of well Chuditch-1 by Shell. The well penetrated 2,946 m of sedimentary rocks ranging in age from Recent to Middle Jurassic, reaching total depth within the Plover Formation. The well was drilled in a water depth of 64 m. The average water depth across the Chuditch area is approximately 70 m. The well encountered 120 m of gross Middle Jurassic Plover Formation to TD, of which the upper 30 m were above the interpreted free water level (FWL). Chuditch and its four adjacent and likely connected prospects, is estimated to hold prospective resources of 3.3TCF (Pmean).
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