Offshore Ireland
Company name: Petrel Resources
Address: 162 Clontarf Road, Dublin
Phone number: +353 1 833 2833
E-mail: David Horgan
Company Website:
Project : Offshore Ireland
Type of deal: Farm out
Basin: Procupine
Type of project: Exploration
Location (On/Offshore): Shallow Water
Area: Western Europe
Description: Petrel Resources plc. is sole licensee of Licence Option 16/24 covering Blocks 26/26, 26/27 (part), 35/1 and 35/2 (part), totalling approximately 664 km2, in the NW Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland. The License Option extends to 30 June 2018. Purchase of additional in-fill seismic data, selected line re-processing and inversion, followed by re-interpretation of the complete seismic dataset, have identified a number of promising prospects. To find out more information about this project or to access the EZDataRoom Web VDR, please contact us using the above information
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