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North America Development Prominence Energy NL Bowsprit Oil Development – Prominence Energy NL See Flyer 457
South East Asia Exploration Transform Exploration Pty Ltd. SE Papua PSC See Flyer 462
Western Europe Exploration Envoi Limited Wintershall Dea: Danish North Sea See Flyer 449
South Central America Exploration Envoi Limited PetroSantander: Colombia See Flyer 453
South East Asia Exploration Pacific Hunt Energy PSC H, Myanmar Farmin Opportunity See Flyer 470
South East Asia Exploration PETRONAS PETRONAS 2020 Malaysia Bidding Round See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 448
East Africa Exploration PETROTEC LTD South Sudan Licensing Round See Flyer 469
West Africa Exploration Envoi Limited West Africa - AMNI (Amni International Petroleum Development Company Limited) (Central Tano Block, Ghana) See Flyer 438
Southern Africa Exploration Envoi Limited New Age: South Africa See Flyer 451
North America Exploration Newfoundland & Labrador Newfoundland & Labrador Exploration Data Room See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 442
Australasia Exploration Whitebark Energy Ltd Warro Gas Field See Flyer 468
West Africa Exploration Envoi Limited Tower Resources: Cameroon See Flyer 454
Southern Africa Exploration Envoi Limited Invictus Energy: Zimbabwe See Flyer 452
South East Asia Exploration Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais (ANPM) Timor-Leste 2nd Licensing Round See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 456
Australasia Exploration Melbana Energy Beehive See Flyer 464
Central and Eastern Europe Exploration Holt Energy Advisors Ltd Odin Energi – E-17 Prospect See Flyer 466
Central Asia Exploration Envoi Limited Lucent Petroleum Lebyazhye field development See Flyer 430
East Africa Exploration Octant Energy Kenya Block L17/L18 See Flyer 461
Australasia Exploration 3D Oil Limited (TDO) WA/527-P Exploration Permit See Flyer 460
Southern Africa Exploration Envoi Limited Serica Energy: Luderitz Basin, Namibia See Flyer 450
South East Asia Production PT Odira Energy Karang Agung PSC Odira Energy Karang Agung See Flyer 471