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West Africa Exploration Envoi Limited West Africa - AMNI (Amni International Petroleum Development Company Limited) (Central Tano Block, Ghana) See Flyer 438
Central Asia Exploration Envoi Limited Lucent Petroleum Lebyazhye field development See Flyer 430
Western Europe Exploration Envoi Limited UK North Sea – Aimwell Energy Limited (Licence P2278) See Flyer 437
South Central America Exploration MEEI Trinidad and Tobago Shallow Water Competitive Bid Round 2018 See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 445
East Africa Exploration MEPEX Oil and Gas Ethiopia Open Blocks See Flyer 412
North America Exploration Newfoundland & Labrador NL Exploration Data Room See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 442
South East Asia Exploration PETRONAS PETRONAS Malaysia Bidding Round 2019 See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 444
West Africa Exploration Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB Blocks 2, 4A and 5A, Licences Sinapa (Block 2) and Esperanca (Block 4A and 5A) (UPDATED) See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 379
North Africa Exploration Vegas East Lagia Incorporated Vegas East Lagia - Onshore Egypt See Flyer 441